Flights resume between Argentina and Cuba: with six passengers?

This May 3rd, the first flight took place between Buenos Aires-Cayo Coco and Havana, after the airline Cubana de Aviacion leased a large plane from the Spanish company Plus Ultra after restarting these connections.

State media celebrated the opening, which would mean the arrival of more Argentine tourism, but apparently the start was scary, at least for one party. We elaborate below.

After a one-year hiatus, Cubana’s direct flights from Buenos Aires returned this week using 295 three-class Plus Ultra Airbus A340-300 aircraft. The flight will fly every Wednesday until the end of October, until which date they have received permission.

According to the flight schedule revealed by Aviacionline, the flight will arrive at Cayo Coco around 6:40 pm and then it will arrive in Havana after 9 pm. I always leave Argentina at 11am local time.

But after this return, according to reports on social networks, an initial failure may occur. User Sebastián Polito, a member of the specialized website Aviacionline, who follows statistics and information about aeronautics in Argentina and the world, revealed on May 3 that the flight from Cuba to Argentina was practically empty.

Flights from Argentina to Cuba?

“Cuban flight CU 360 (05/03) appears to have arrived in Buenos Aires from Havana with six passengers on board. Let’s take that number with a grain of salt,” he wrote on his Facebook profile. Twitter. In other words, in a flight of more than nine hours, only six people flew to Argentina.

There is interest in vacationing in Cuba from Argentina, but we have to give it a little more time. According to Venus Rodríguez, general manager of Cubana de Aviación in Argentina, “The aim is to send confidence to our tour operators, travel agencies and hotel groups.”

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It is a safe and stable operation with the A340 aircraft capable of carrying 275 passengers, 240 of them in economy class. We also have a backup aircraft. We are very happy. “For now there are flights every Wednesday, but next year we hope to increase the frequency and, if possible, reach other destinations in Argentina, such as Córdoba and Rosario,” he added.

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