Flights from Cuba to Nicaragua? Here every October

The Cuban Airport and Airport Services Agency (ECASA) has updated the schedule of flights from various Cuban airports to Nicaragua in October on its official social networks. This is one of the most requested routes and Cubans do not require a visa.

According to this information, Aruba Airlines, a Venezuelan-funded regional company, maintains flights to Nicaragua from various terminals in the country. Aruba Airlines is scheduled to fly to Nicaragua in October, below.

Aruba Airlines Nicaragua will continue to do so. Jose Marti International Airport (Havana). Always fly to Managua, Nicaragua’s “Santino” airport, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

On the way to Ignacio Agramonte International Airport (Camagüey). Arrived Monday from Managua, Nicaragua. Departing Managua on Tuesday and arriving in Managua on Saturday. Arrives Saturday from Managua. Aruba’s other connections from Cuba are to Guyana.

More flights from Cuba to Nicaragua

wind century, Dominican Republic has also joined the “business” of flights from Cuba to Nicaragua, given the enormous demand and limited capacity of these connections. From ECASA “Frank País” International Airport (Holguín) indicates the following. Sundays Santo Domingo-Puerto Principe-Managua, Nicaragua.

So far the Venezuelan airline Kanvyasa, did not mention its programming at ECASA. But from Havana, he kept flying to Nicaragua in September, leaving for Managua on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Also, for Cuba, it was known from Conviaza that starting next October 15, the company will fly several times on the new route, between Havana in the Venezuelan state of Falcón and Las Piedras, in the free zone of Paraguay.

All this to promote what Cubans call “shopping tourism” in that country. At this time they will be operating tour packages as is happening in Isla Margarita.

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Conviasa has been operating in Cuba for more than a decade, though its boom came with flights to Nicaragua after the country abolished visas. Tickets with this company cost more than 3 thousand US dollars per person.

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