Flavio Azzaro denied the idea of ​​a Tesla factory mediotimo

In recent days, good news has been released for Mexico Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, announced a strong investment in Nuevo LeonBecause he is going to build a mega factory in said company.

That’s why Mexicans are excited because there’s more than one Wants to be a part of the hiring team One of the largest companies in the world.

Did the Argentinian journalist make fun of Mexico?

After the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the relationship between Mexico and Argentina fans is very strained.. Knowing that Tri and Albiceleste were going to face each other in the group stage, Temperance has warmed up and everything points to them continuing in the same periodDespite the fact that the World Cup had already been held, the South Americans won and captured the trophy.

However, despite the assurances that Bolavib site Argentinian journalist Flavio Azzaro declared: “Mexicans can keep the Tesla factory, But they will never win the World Cup. That is your reality.” He denied the accusation and came out.

After the news went viral, the Argentinian journalist defended himself and gave assurances He didn’t make that commentHe challenged the media that exposed it to produce evidence.

I never said that, it was an invention. Shame on Bola VIP saying, putting the audio”.

Who is Flavio Azzaro?

Flavio Azzaro is an Argentine journalist Every chance he gets, he makes fun of Mexican soccer, which he regularly watches.. The last time he was embroiled in a controversy was at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, after Tri was dismissed. mocked his participation And protected Gerardo Martino.

“Mexico, how do you want to compete if all your players are from the Mexican league. 15 soccer players from the roster are playing there. WhatHow are you going to do? What can you do? Martino’s fault?”

The MX League is a smaller competition. How are they going to blame Tata Martino? Good for him, I don’t know all that well. Think he at least knows what it’s like to play fifth in a World Cup”.

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