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We’re more than half a year away from seeing Samsung’s next traditional high-end phones, but that doesn’t make sense Rumor season has begun. We say “traditional” because less than two months later the Korean company plans to unveil its new generation of foldables to the world at the end of July.

But that doesn’t mean they’re already working on the Galaxy S24 lineup to be launched Between January and February 2024, and the first rumors point to a photo segment. Cameras are an important part of modern phones, and we expect them to get better model by model.

Unexpectedly, Camera settings The Galaxy S24 Ultra points, according to this news, to be More or less the same as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra It came out earlier this year.

According to a leak by Revegness (@Tech_Reve on Twitter), Introvert It has been gaining popularity lately, the Galaxy S24 Ultra There will be no telephoto camera with variable zoomconsidered for a long time.

The most expensive and premium model of the Galaxy S series seems to be one The 4-camera setup is similar to what can be enjoyed todayIt includes a 200MP ISOCELL primary sensor, a 12MP wide-angle and two telephoto cameras (one with 10x zoom and one with 3x zoom).

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As the leaker points out, the camera upgrade is only expected for the 10x sensor, which will see “minor improvements”. Unfortunately, he didn’t share what these improvements would be.

Revegness posted on Twitter in April Samsung plans to include a telephoto camera with variable zoom The Galaxy S24 Ultra thus replaces the cameras on the Galaxy S23 Ultra (10x and 3x ones) with a sensor that alternates between two magnifications.

This is going to eliminate the need to have two sensors for practically the same thing.. However, in his new post, he shared that plans for a new telephoto camera have been scrapped.

Samsung has not confirmed anything at this time, but if the rumor is true, That would be a bit disappointing The Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with practically the same camera setup as its predecessor.

anyway, Samsung can excuse itself by saying that technological leaps have already been made in its photography department With this year’s models, he’s clearly made sure with all the marketing dedicated to his 200MP sensor.

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