Find out the interior of the house that Carmen Salinas will receive from his daughter Maria Eugenia

We introduced you last July Inheritance details of Best Actress Carmen SalinasThe 82-year-old, who has nearly 60 years of experience and has been in politics for some time, has only two because of the lack of large-scale real estate. The house where he lives and his studio.

This review, as he shared, in an interview he gave to the ‘Hoi’ show Daughters of PetritoHis son who died 27 years ago.

At the same time The house is located in the Veronica Ansurs area of ​​Mexico City, It will be Maria Eugenia, his daughter.

“There is nothing else in this house and studio. This course will be for Petrito’s daughters, may he rest in peace, this house is for my daughter Maria Eugenia. ” He suffered a heart attack on Wednesday night.

Unlike what happened with other celebrities, they did not give up their choice, Carmen Salinas Placeholder Image She decided to inherit her loved ones while she was still alive.

Residence, this After winning the lottery, he bought it on December 24, 1966, with the $ 350,000 pesos he receivedIt is very well located and has everything you need to lead a decent life.

The two-story building has a hall, kitchen, dining room, dining room, living room, main room, library and other rooms.

Kitchen Room

The kitchen, designed by himself, stands out for its brick walls, which are spacious and well-distributed. There you have a white pantry and stainless steel equipment.

Dining or dining room

Outside your kitchen is your dining room, with a pistachio-colored seat in a corner with a round table for five brown chairs.

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He has a brown furniture in which he holds various tableware, a family of piglets for good luck, where he placed his altar to the Guadeloupe virgin.

Likewise, it has a television screen that monitors multiple images and security cameras.

Waiting room

The living room is located on one side of the main room and the staircase, which connects to the second floor, has two individual armchairs in green.

There he has a coffee table and two side brown months, a fireplace and several photos of his loved ones.

Main hall

The main room draws attention for its sofas, which stand out for their floral ribbon and its wooden coffee table, as well as for its side desks with various picture frames.

There are many paintings on the walls, while the lights are provided by the old chandelier.


The library was made by a large bookseller, in which Carmelida not only kept hundreds of books, but also kept some of the awards she had received throughout her life.

There he has a sofa with floral ribbon, a desk with a computer and many cartoons he has made over the years.

Main bedroom

His bedroom has a large bed with a brown headboard and a bed that combines white and pistachio colors.

It has a small table, a glass dressing table, an altar for already dead loved ones, various pictures of angels and saints and many photos with a gold frame.


The bathroom in your bedroom is a bit small because it only has a vanity, a toilet and a shower with a transparent screen.

The space in the room was so small that Carmen Salinas had to figure out how to fit all the items she used for her personal care.

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