Find out that you want the Infiniti QX50 for its technology, design and versatility

Discover a luxury SUV that has it all: VC-TURBO engine, roominess and comfort for 5 passengers and advanced technology are just some of the amenities The most requested after this SUV.

If you are looking for luxury, aesthetics and simple and comfortable driving, then discover the Infiniti QX50 for you. Starting from easy to navigate any kind of roads and distances. The new generation InTouch infotainment system contains a selection of tools to fully customize your driving experience.

Unhindered navigation

Find out real-time traffic conditions. The Tom Tom Navigation app gives you access to the in-vehicle navigation system and allows you to enter your destination online. It has apps like Google Destinations and Premium Traffic to monitor the entire trip with the latest information, including weather and road fixes. Car Play® and Android Auto® will never miss your music and keep you connected at all times.

Infiniti QX50

It even has an SOS system for emergency or collision support. You can solve both everyday and extraordinary problems with our 24 hour road support system, seven days a week.

Superior Interiors

In addition to bringing you comfort through technology and connectivity, the QX50’s cabin is designed to focus 100 percent on the driver. It puts all the necessary elements in mind, all the functions are within the reach of the pilot and he can see the dashboard unobstructed to be aware of what is happening with the car.

Infiniti QX50
Infiniti QX50, unique style on the outside

It has four screens in strategic sections of the dashboard for a wide and safe view: the head-up display, the upper touchscreen, the lower touchscreen, and the display with an indicator panel.

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Infiniti QX50

That’s not all, discover the luxurious interior thanks to the brand’s focus on originality. Its cockpit is decorated in genuine maple wood with an open-pore matte finish, keeping its natural finish. They also use genuine leather to give continuity to their aesthetic line and bring that distinctive brand personality.

Unique exterior design

The cherry on the cake of this luxury SUV is its exterior. Find out how to achieve a powerful stance with a longer front bonnet length to give the driver a better view.

Infiniti QX50
Infiniti QX50: Powerfully Elegant

They have a raised suspension and their exterior shapes give a sense of muscular strength. It’s a car with perfect aerodynamics, fit and balance for a more dynamic movement and a powerful look.

Infiniti QX50
Infiniti QX50, unique style on the outside

Discover the Infiniti QX50 is the perfect blend of luxury and performance in an SUV that’s here to change the game. Without a doubt, a car that delivers power and comfort every kilometer and will become the new protagonist of your best adventures. Find out all about the QX50Find out that you love her.

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