Final sample of episodes of the “Like an Astronaut in Space” cycle “Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata”

This Sunday at 6:00 pm in Gregorio Nachman’s room in the theater hall, the last show of the workshops”Connecting worlds, art and technology…from light to codewithin the courseAs an astronaut in space“.

– Towards the interior space (two rooms): It invites the audience to share a journey through inner space: an audiovisual experience towards the expansion of sensitive thresholds and the potential for active interaction with unknown life forms. With: Vera Capella, Matthias Cortadi and Gonzalo de Trana.

Limit (lobby): It invites the viewer to think about natural boundaries, imposed boundaries, and self-imposed boundaries. Boundaries are defined as internal and external reflection. Nature itself that grows without control, which we try to control. Our nature is as unique as our growth. With Pura Laureguiberry and Luca Kordich.

– Side A / B (low foyer): Smell, flavor that makes us travel in a time tunnel. A transparent thread that connects who we are to what we were. What happens when we realize that time is not linear? With Constance Speltini.

– Three bodies (lobby): The fragility of existence as a result of a stressful world. Who we are and what we do. We are water and fire too. We are everything we want to be. Preparing visual spaces created and depicted from artists’ texts and works. They can be seen on the screen, accompanied by sounds that can be heard through the use of a headset. With Laura Cesario and Florencia Vega.

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