Fifty years later, they reveal the arrival of golf balls hit by an astronaut on the moon

The moon and earth were aligned. | Photo courtesy

Last week marked the 50th anniversary of one of the iconic scenes of space travel. NASA astronaut Alan Shepherd made history by successfully hitting two golf balls on the lunar surface. However, it is never known how far they went. Until now.

Issued by: Miguel George | Kismodo

Thanks to the efforts of imaging expert Andy Sanders, who digitally upgraded archive images from the Apollo 14 mission and used them to estimate where golf balls were parked.

On February 6, 1971, Mission Commander Shepard surprised everyone by taking action. He did it because he thought it would be a great medium to let people know the difference between the force of gravity.

The astronaut said the first ball sank it into a ditch and the second “miles and miles” advanced. With everything 6-iron “adapted”, it can be combined with a wrap aluminum and Teflon Moonrock model. In addition, very poor quality footage was filmed from the side from a TV camera.

Read the full note at Kismodo.

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