Fewer than 3,000 students go to government schools when they return to face-to-face classes

Aiming to maintain a more restrictive environment, the country’s public schools today welcomed students for the first time since the last governor, Wanda Vasquez, A ‘keeping enough’ prescribed almost a year ago due to an emergency due to infection Govit-19.

Restricted Committees for Students in Kindergarten from Class III, Class IV and Special Education Program, Appointed Secretary Departure for education, Elba Upon Santos, 2,643 students reported to a total of 96 campuses this afternoon.

“We will continue to increase the number as the days go by,” the official said in a tweet, adding that in these first-day face-to-face classes, although 25,000 to 30,000 students may be divided, the campus will be divided into two groups to reduce the number of students. Number of students at once.

Similarly, the agency reported that 1,714 teachers attended the classrooms, although it did not specify what percentage represents the total number of teachers.

“A few weeks ago the Governor signed the Executive Order for the gradual and gradual commencement of face-to-face classes, which is why today I am very happy and hope to see the children in the classrooms with them. I could feel the joy I felt, and I could hear so many students expressing excitement at being able to see their friends and school again, which should continue to motivate us to open more schools safely, gradually, and expand higher standards. ” Said in the statement.

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Abbott Santos mentioned hiring 480 new guards stationed in schools that have been opened to strengthen the task of cleaning and disinfecting classrooms and common areas of each campus. It also expanded the number of security guards, recruiting 384 people who support control and order in schools.

As for the carriers, 551 contracts have been formalized and we have worked with AFAFF to evaluate the distribution manual so that once the funds reach the DE, they will be delivered to the carriers.

During his visit to the Montessori school, William E., secretary and mayor of Kauvas Municipality, was present. Miranda Torres has signed a joint agreement to develop and implement initiatives, activities, plans and projects. Acts in support of the school curriculum in the public schools of the municipality.

Mayor Kagiyo stressed that the agreement will strengthen the goal of accessing quality services in a constructive and effective way for the municipality of Kago, through projects aimed at improving education, the arts, culture, environmental issues and sports. Residents. He hoped hundreds of young students would benefit.

The head of education said he had reached several joint agreements with municipal administrators and hoped to announce them in the coming weeks.

“I would like to highlight the wide cooperation shown by the mayors and mayors. Not only have they improved the physical structures of our schools, but they have also been in a better mood to seek initiatives to improve the quality of life of our students in their cities. This is a fundamental piece for the mayors to return to face-to-face classes today. Santos finished.

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