Fewer and less affordable entertainment options in Cuba

Rising inflation in Cuba “touched” all aspects of society in a very negative way. Prices of food items, transport fares and basic services, see daily hikes. One example, not as popular as others, but very suitable for youth entertainment on the island.

Every day young people have less and less affordable options for entertainment, which is important at this stage of life. The “crazy prices” of the entrance to leisure and entertainment sites make it difficult for more than one family to afford them. The happiness of their children is essential, but there is no budget at home for food, so parents today think with full reason.

So what to do in this situation? How can you ensure your entertainment with these current prices? Questions that no one has yet dared to answer in such uncertainty.

What’s going on at Las Dunas?

In Las Dunas, known as the “Balcony of the East of Cuba,” the situation is similar to the rest of the country. A teenager from the eastern province gave a statement to a local newspaper about it Newspaper 26.

“Not everyone can go to Caché or Bella Vita, which are the biggest deals right now. I go to Cabaret Bajo Los Estrellas, where entry is $40.00 a cup. That place next to Casa de la Musica is the only two places we can go these days.

Meanwhile, another young woman, 25, compared today’s Cuba to a few years ago. Before they played music for us on the weekends at the “Estadio Chiquito”, outdoors you found everyone without spending millions.

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On the other side of the story, Genia Ross, a programmer at the provincial cultural directorate, blamed part of the problem on poor technology availability. “We don’t have the technical equipment to deal with operations in different places. This is the reality of all the municipalities and recreation areas across the province that are in very difficult situations.

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