Ferdinando Valencia explodes against Jesus Ochoa

In front of the cameras of the ‘Hoi’ show Ferdinando Valencia National Actors Association (You) Has already informed you that this includes I am indebted The millionaire is still at the hospital where his son Dante (RIP) was treated a year and a half ago.

However, the actor again erupted against Anda, assuming that things were not transparent.

“I have a lot of trouble with contracts, deposits or anything I need to know because even at the hospital they didn’t talk to me and tell me you still have differences, but make it clear, you know how right I am.”

Apart from this, the soap opera villain insisted that he was not looking for anything given as he was only claiming his rights.

“I’m not looking for anything given, because the only thing given so far is my contributions, I’m looking for my rights, they are not from above, they are not from below, they are fair.

Finally asked Jesus Ochoa Stop talking behind him because he is always looking for him and never responds to his calls.

“Tell me I’m a speaker, I lie, tell it in front of me, don’t answer my calls, do things with transparency, provide documents.”

Ferdinando Valencia demands a response from the ANDA

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