Featherweight was hospitalized after performing a concert in New York Video

Singer Featherweight She surprised her followers after emerging from her hospital bed with her stories on her official Instagram account which has less than 9 million followers.

At night, after giving a presentation in New York, the artist Uploaded the first storyThere he first thanked his audience and shed light on what their situation would be.

Waiting for the x-ray, New York, it was crazy, I love you“.

With a new photo, Hasan Emilio Kabande LaijaZaboban's real name, Jalisco, announced it was a fractured bone in his left leg.

Currently, 'Double B' has not released any further details about his fracture Or should he not focus on recovering from his injury, which may have stemmed from the performance itself.

The videos show how the singer limps at one point during his performance; however, He used to walk around the place singing non-stop. with the audience. It was appreciated by some users on social networks; One of them acknowledges it thus:

“I am very proud Featherweight, an artist who exhibits incredible dedication and passion for his work. Despite being injured, she continued to perform, showing unwavering strength and dedication to her fans. “His professionalism is inspiring, and no matter the obstacles, his love for music and his audience always pushes him forward.”

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