Fashionable and one-stop imported dessert in Miami

Although Miami It is considered a point where many cultures and different tastes converge, until now few have been able to enjoy the popular European desserts. kürtőskalács In Hungary, or simply Curto. Therefore, A The businessman is determined to win over the locals by selling these delicacies. It was renamed Crossing the Atlantic Chimney CakeThere is

“Imagine connecting Great donuts, churros, ice cream, chocolate And their favorite candies. With this provocative description, Max Goldstein began posting announcements on Facebook about the opening of his new location at Miami’s popular Dateland Mall.

Curtos are usually made with sweet ingredientsAlpha/Flickr

The history of the dessert is unclear. In fact, the kurtos They have been the cause of disputes between countries in Eastern Europe, such as Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, who claim the origin of the sandwich. “This dessert is a long tradition“, Goldstein said in an interview The New Herald. “Every country has a legend,” said the owner of Chimney Cake & Co.

Although these desserts are usually sweet, there are variations with savory ingredients. “The ‘chimney cakes’ are freshly baked and lovingly rolled”, they said pFacebook page. You can also add other varieties like chocolate, raspberry, lemon, coffee etc. The official opening of the place where you can try this old European dessert will be held this March 18th and 19th.

It is common to find stalls making ‘kurtos’ with the traditional recipe on the streets of cities in Hungary.TopBudapest / Flickr

Although Little official information about itMost reviews indicate that the country of origin of the dessert is called Hungary kürtőskalácsAlthough other older versions suggest that it may be a Derived from a dessert made in Transylvania, Romania.

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Despite the controversies, representatives of both countries Join forces in 2016 to register an application to declare an appeal of the origin of the European Union in 2016 For the sandwich, step D.Daily News Hungary. As with certain meats from Spain or champagne from France, this measure is intended to preserve the product in its original sense.

Older recipes call for the light dough cylinder to be attached to a skillet or grill and exposed to direct heat. Currently, you still can Find stalls on the streets of Hungary that follow the traditional patternBut in recent years, it has become more common to use electric or gas stoves.

The taste of toppings and fillings is something that each community has adapted to their own tastes. The most popular recipe says The dough should have cinnamon or lemon juice; However, it can be prepared with a pinch of salt. The way gurdos are made and the ingredients used are somewhat similar to other European pastries skalický trdelník Slovakia and the baumkuchenFrom Germany.


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