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Louis Miguel Statue of the moment that existed 30 years ago. And his fame allowed his many desires to be fulfilled Music Superstar The statue was made all over Latin America, getting one of them Actress Adela Norika will work by your side.

Although the biographical series he produced Netflix Extensive number Features of your personal life, There are many more Stories about a controversial singer Will continue to be admired by millions of fans.

There were many celebrities who recorded the love affair between the son of Luisito Ray and Marcela Pastori, and the Mexican actress somehow joins that list.

Louis Miguel paid $ 80,000 to Adela Norica to work with him

Louis Miguel is known for all the gadgets he wasted on beating women to his attention. For that purpose “El Sol de Mexico” put no effort or money, and thus the beautiful Mexican succeeded. TV soapsHis music was part of the videos.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Adela Norica became a popular celebrity in her country. The producers loved her as a part of their stories on television, and as the protagonist of many plays, she was guaranteed success for countless titles.

That was the account Timeline on YouTubeHe recalled that the actress’ beauty turned into a frenzy for the translator “when the sun warms up”, for this reason she decided to pay $ 80,000 as the main female character in the “Balabra” video clip. De Honor, ”the newspaper described Discussion.

The protagonist of “Amore Real” and “El Privilegio de Amar” worked by his side in 1984, in this way Louis was able to meet Miguel Adela Norica, who was part of the artistic talent involved in reviving the musical theme.

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During that year, Louise Miguel and the actress were young people who had won in their country at different levels. The 14-year-old singer created a frenzy among her fans, and Norika, 15, was already known on the small screen by her participation in commercials and the production of “Principessa”.

Finally, Adila left the art world in 2008 after a successful career in her own country, after which the halo of mystery and controversy obscured her disappearance from the profession she had trained for many years on television. (And)

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