Fans of the President of El Salvador will take FIFA approval to Selekta

During the match against Mexico, a cloth with a political message was caught by the cameras in the Soul General, Selekta has a FIFA sentence

Because Select Peter Panama is missing one of the angles leading to Qatar.

The atmosphere in the national team environment is tough because, apart from internal problems, now Azul has had to endure another setback in the hands of Mexico, which only brings Cascatlan.

Deadline FIFA La Selecta harvested only two points and have now finished with just three points. Numbers that make dream classification difficult.

But the problems did not stop there.

Photo: Jonathan Funes / EDH

During the game in the Seoul General Sector, a cloth was used on the hurricane loop with the following message: “El Salvador is with Buccaneer.”

This may lead to FIFA approving Selecta as the company is strict with these types of disclosures in the Terms:

“60. Prevention of provocative and aggressive behavior. 1. Political activity. Advertising or advertising is strictly prohibited before or after the match by political or religious news or any other political or religious activity in or around the stadium,” FIFA said.

This can be compared to the case of the Federation of Qatar in 2017, which was punished in 2017 because its players warmed up before beating South Korea 3-2 and wore a white jersey with the image of their country’s Emir Sheikh Tamim. Hamad al-Thani, for showing support.

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