Fanatic who sparked controversy on social media by kissing Enrique Iglesias on the mouth


The The singer is Enrique Iglesias shared on his personal account Instagram A Video With his more than 17 million followers. In the clip, the artist appears with a fan, who is He kissed her cheek.

However, everything changed when she decided to turn her face to give him A kiss on the mouth for the ‘Philando’ translator, She would not have fully enjoyed the moment because she was trying to register what she was doing Spanish artist.

The actor also shared that the incident was recorded last Friday night when he was there Las Vegas.

“She’s worth it”, “I wish I could be her”, “That’s old school”, “How lucky she is”, “Don’t be so flirtatious”, “She represents me to him”, “I can if she is”, “Hold me too, Holy God”, “she is not today or never again in life”, “loved by God”, they left some expressions in the record.

He is known as the lucky fan who got the chance to kiss him Daniela Rios And through your personal account Instagram She took the opportunity to upload all the photos and videos of that amazing moment with her favorite artist.

@Enrique Iglesias I will dream of this kiss for the rest of my life. Kisses my prince charming #lasvegas,” she wrote in the shared post.

“Give me some of that luck to kiss my platonic love, I’m literally dying to kiss Enrique Iglesias”, “OMG”, “Améeee this”, “What a thrill dude, you did”, “Don’t be lucky. I guess you never kissed compadre” , “Genia”, “I distribute kisses”, “My dream”, are some of the messages that Ríos received in the aforementioned application.

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However, not everyone agrees after forcing him to do this kind of thing, many believe that he did it so as not to make the girl who stole a kiss look bad.

“That’s not all, remember he did it for a gentleman, but his discomfort is 100% noticeable. If he’s single, he’ll be fine, but respect”, “Not single, you can’t go on in life. Disrespect anyone for being too ‘fan in love’.” doing”, “Damn you old clowns”, mentioned other internet users.

With information from El Diario NY.

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