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The Former Facebook employee who became a whistleblower The world’s largest social network testified before a Senate subcommittee on Tuesday, reiterating its allegations of profiteering over the safety and well-being of users, and asking Congress to enact legislation to regulate its contents. Its detrimental impact on the mental health of the population and the risks to the national security it represents are minimized.

About three and a half hours, Francis Hogan Appeared before the Senate Subcommittee on Trade, which on this occasion was able to present itself as a unified front and be at the center of the session, which was visible in person. Information sent to the media by the respondent He spoke on the show Sunday ’60 minutes’ Of the CBS chain, his identity was known for the first time.

Houken told the subcommittee that Facebook American Democracy harms the mental health of millions – especially children – and that it solves problems for their development, not just for their users.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, responded hours after Hogan’s testimony in a statement in which he denied the allegations of his former employee. “Most of us think [en Facebook] We do not approve any misrepresentations made “, Wrote in a social networking post.

The owner of the social media companies said the company was engaged in “secure” communications.

The key points of Hogan’s appearance before the senators were:

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