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The fifth season of the show, which promises to captivate audiences again, is set to return to the Mexican screens. About , An adaptation of the Turkish design, where the two teams are placed to face each other and show off their skills to reach the final.

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The game hosts reality shows Antonio Rissock, Who is known for his unique speeches before each challenge. Released in 2017 on the Aztec Uno, Winners of the previous exhibition Mattie Alvarez and Patricio ‘Pato’ Arazo.

Through social media, The Director General of Content and Distribution of TV Azteca Announced that the premiere of the new installment is very close; In addition to revealing Name of each team: Defenders and Pathfinders.

When was the EXATLÓN MEXICO SEASON 5 released?

Sandra Smester encouraged project followers The fifth season of Exotline airs on August 16.

A new generation of Guardians vs Pathfinders Champions Grand premiere Monday, August 16 ”, Wrote on his account Instagram.

What is planning?

Given the project’s previous broadcasts and other Aztec reality shows, this is quite possible Exatlón México airs at 7:30 p.m., Although this has not yet been confirmed. Also, it is considered The shooting would have taken place on the beaches of the Dominican Republic.

Who will participate?

Although the identity of the contestants is a complete mystery, there is one character who has already confirmed his participation in the reality show. About David ‘The Beast’ Juarez, Who he is April 8 Revealed in “Let happiness come” That he would compete on a reality show. Likewise, Exotlan’s product runs molds to integrate new athletes.

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Who is the driver of Exatlón México 5?

TV Azteca has announced that Antonio Rosic will be the host of season 5 of the reality show, promising to give his weird style to the new Guardians and Pathfinders.

Which is the fifth season of Exotline Mexico?

Exatlón: Guardians vs Conquistadors will be the name of the TV show.

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