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when All the attention and gaze was put on her and since she is a woman who is not in the television media, more information about it is needed and can be obtained through them. .

Thanks to these digital platforms, we have seen huge demonstrations of their mutual love in recent months, including their support for their girlfriend when she was “”, their fights with their critical fans and especially, the best moments they have shared so far.

In addition to everything already mentioned, we have discovered all the aspects of the current couple of the Spanish dancer over time, so now let’s make a summary and find out what this girl who is completely excited is up to. .

Tony Costa and Evelyn Beltran reunited after going through “The House of Celebrities” (Photo: Tony Costa / Facebook)

What does Evelyn Beltran do?


When Evelyn Beltran became known, the first thing we discovered was that she was one A social network where he currently has more than 300 thousand followers, we must mention that the number of fans increased significantly during his relationship with his ex. .

On his personal accounts, he usually uploads videos and photos, while on his stories he shares some of the things he does on a daily basis, as well as advertisements he regularly does for some brands. Encourage her.

She has worked in modeling

It is important to highlight that she is a model and has previous experience of winning some local beauty pageants, showcasing her prowess on the catwalks and her physical appeal that makes anyone fall in love with her.

Medical Assistant

In addition to these two things, Evelyn Beltran has a permanent job, which Tony announced while fully participating in the reality show. . On that occasion, the young Mexican woman announced to the world that she was working as a medical assistant.

“Today I start a new phase in my life, my new job as a medical assistant. All good things take time, fate always puts you with the right people at the right time. I feel blessed”He then commented.

Evelyn Beltran when announcing her new job (Photo: Evelyn Beltran / Instagram)
Evelyn Beltran when announcing her new job (Photo: Evelyn Beltran / Instagram)

More information about Evelyn Beltran and Tony Costa

How was the reunion between Toni Costa and Evelyn Beltran?

After he participated in “Home of the famousThe dancer starred in emotional reunions and the one with his girlfriend was much anticipated. Evelyn Beltran.

Although the two communicated over the phone, her followers hoped to see her in person. .

Why doesn’t Evelyn Beltran care about Tony talking about his ex?

Evelyn Beltran told the media.Comment” That It doesn’t bother Toni Costa to talk about what he went through with Adamari Lopez. How is your relationship now? She is calm because she knows that all romantic feelings are in the past Now they are joined only by their daughter Aaliyah.

My year absence didn’t hurt me. His ex-partner is important in Tony’s life. Why? Because they have this amazing kid that Tony loves madly, and she’s a huge part of the story of who Tony is today.”, explained the samples. .

What language does Evelyn Beltran speak?

Thanks for the regular Q&A interaction , the Mexican model opened up about the languages ​​she’s learned throughout her life. Also, one of her followers had that interest and packed in a question that she answered without any problem. What did you answer? to know.

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