Evelyn Beltran responds after Adamari Lopez comments linking Tony Costa with Daniella Navarro

“Truth will always come out” is the message Evelyn Beltran, girlfriend Tony Costa, Posted in your Instagram Stories After dispelling rumors of a kiss between his partner and Daniela Navarro inside ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

Rumors of this rapprochement between the Spanish choreographer and the Venezuelan Then emerged Adamari Lopez, Costa’s ex-partner and mother of his daughter Alaya will confirm it on the Telemundo program ‘Hoy Tia’.

“But (Nacho) wasn’t with the only person he kissed. Daniela also kissed Tony “”, the Puerto Rican’s words surprised all the guys and viewers of the show.

However, Adamari Lopez clarified the situation to Daniela Navarro in a later interview: “Sometimes I said, you gave yourself like a little peck kiss with Tony, I mean, Nacho wasn’t the only person you kissed…what happened there?” Lopez asked. Navarre’s.

“Hello my beautiful… yes I was surprised because they showed it to me this morning and I was like, ‘That… what is that?’ But no, I only kissed on the mouth with Eduardo and Nacho, not even with Salvador, with Salvador it was flirting on the cheek.”Navarro’s response.

Tony Costa’s girlfriend Evelyn Beltran has been very active on social media Showing your support to your partner in all ways ‘The House of the Famous’, He is already one of the four finalists, one of the strongest candidates to hold the $200,000 prize.

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