Eugenio Derbes reveals that he went for treatment with Aislyn Derbes

Without a doubt The Derbus family One of the most popular on TV is the proof that they are already in their second season Travel is real.

Everyone knows that Children of the comedian They did not maintain a close relationship with their father because of their relationship with their mother. .

The actor was in an interview for the show ‘El Cordo O la Flacca’ Revealed how his relationship with his children is, And after completing the first season he was taken to Morocco, where he revealed that he had to go for treatment with his daughter.

Eugenio Derbus admitted that he went for treatment with Aislyn Derbes After the end of the first season of the reality show, the relationship between the two has become more and more difficult every day.

“During that trip my relationship with my children broke down and then we had to take treatment too. I took couple treatment with Aislyn, but not because of father and daughter. Yes, there were many things that were broken by stress To be a producer and a father ”, Explained.

The protagonist of ‘LatinLower’ clarified, they all started when talking about a sThe second season of Reality, So the actress decided to take the first step: “Things were so tense, it was a little far off, we never fought, but I realized it wasn’t the same anymore. Then one day I was talking to her and a year later they said to us: ‘Hey, what? Will they do another season?’ -, Eislein told me: ‘Dad, we need to fix our relationship first‘”, Remember.

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Aslin was hiding there a little She went out with me for treatment, and then I told her: ‘Eislyn, I’m your dad, how do you think …’, He said without much investigation into the case of Iceland’s former ally Mauricio Ochman.

“My daughter wants to improve and tell things, and then I’m starting to tell my story … I’m starting to talk about it and covering it up, and then my daughter has this feeling: ‘Why, my dad, there’s already an already popular business, Why not let me shine? Why do you want to steal the painting? How does my dad do this to me? What does it cost him? … Why didn’t he let me talk? Why do you like that importance all the time? I didn’t know it, and when she told me about it in therapy I said to her: ‘Daughter, How do you think I want to steal your attention?, He elaborated.

After all, apparently the treatment worked because, according to what can be found on social networks, Eugenio Derbes and Islin Derbes They have a good relationship.

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