Espacio de Milei presented the dead associate and must answer for justice

Union Party for All led Juan del Osowhich together with Alternativa Federal de Jorge Coccini They were preparing to endorse the presidential candidacy Javier Millysummoned by the Buenos Aires Provincial Electoral Judge, Alejo Ramos PadillaBefore displaying the affiliation of the deceased.

In recent weeks, the party was notified of the rejection of about 3,489 affiliation files from people in the province, among whom it was found that 24 of them had died years ago, which caused a real scandal.

Forms of affiliation to political parties must be signed by citizens who wish to join a particular political party or group in front of the certifier that each space must guarantee the validity of this signature, and they are registered in the electoral justice for this purpose.

However, it is not uncommon for many residents to appear to belong to political parties that they are unaware of, and to be forced to implement disaffiliation measures. In the same way, this is the egregious issue that litters Javier MillySometimes there are affiliation cards signed by people who have already died.

Given this fact, the judge Ramos Padilla decided to remove Mossadegh’s Union por Todos from office, Leonor Star Veraand requesting the party to submit a report regarding rejected affiliations. Along these lines, the party must provide explanations as to whether the signatures of these persons are forged or whether it is a dubious error. (

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