Erica Bhuvenfil lives in horrible moments with the intimidation attempt to extort money!

Mexico time Sunday at 6 p.m., Erica Bouvenfill He saw his stories of the worst time he had ever had this Sunday because of an unpleasant phone call.

A person tried to extort money from her, convincing her that someone was watching her outside her home and shared the most frightening details with her. Queen of Dictok, Who asked for help Twitter.

“They made me believe, or they told me, there are some people outside my house, in short, I will give details later, I was so scared, they gave me very specific details, it made me believe it was possible, or maybe it was possible, because I didn’t know that At the time I didn’t even want to show my face … “, he expressed with a frightened face.

IG Erica Bouvenfil

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“I do not know what to do, it has never happened to me, I make this appeal for help,” he said, referring to the Twitter message and warning his followers greatly, “To know, I have my head covered and I do not know who to turn to …”

He also promised that the very good ones would respond to him immediately and help him: “Thank God, I’m fine, the complaint has already been raised, this is the first thing to do, we’m going to eat, long day, but Nicholas and I are fine.

He did not forget to thank his promoter, Vector Kun, The man who went to the actress’ house to go quickly with her during the tense and difficult moments she experienced and her fans responded They soon realized that they were comrades Angelique Boer Ann Conquer the past He was in trouble.

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A good fear that Erica will not easily forget in Pune.

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