Eric Den Haag tired of the celebrations: “Lissandro must know that the premiere will resume on the 27th”

youAfter the feat the worldTheArgentina election He celebrated his championship wildly. The celebration was one of the largest in memory, but it was also Very rude because of the huge confusion created by the fans.

However, players have a great time and There was no shortage of laughs and songs. But after the World Cup, Domestic leagues will return in EuropeAnd the Premier League was one of the first to start. Monday the 26th There are already games and Erik ten Hoag’s Manchester United He returns a day later on the 27th.

That’s why techies already want to be at their fingertips For all available players, and the Argentinians come last. It is an important piece of equipment Lisandro MartinezThe latest World Cup winner, who He is still on vacation And not part of the group, but Eric Den Haag, warn me.

He walks through Buenos Aires I understand that because it’s exciting when you win the World Cup. But still Martinez will have to accept that the Premier League will resume on December 27“, warned the Dutch punishment, that the celebrations are already over.

The Clubs are generally very understanding A World Cup was won for such circumstances and more and until 3 days ago they celebrated it with fans. however, The strict and forceful nature of the technician may have ended the vacation of the guardian.

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