Enrique Iglesias canceled a concert in Mexico after seeing a picture of pneumonia

Health of the singer Enrique Iglesias It’s not great now. The artist said this on the day On May 13, he announced on social media that he was suffering from pneumonia.

The announcement was made on the Spanish musician’s Instagram account Within the framework of the second edition of the Tecate Emblema FestivalEnrique Iglesias was to participate.

Apart from Iglesias, concerts are also confirmed to participate By Danna Paola, Belinda, One Republic, Tokimonsta, etc.

According to the official data of the event, the singer He was in charge of completing the last May 13 edition.

however, Anticipation for the concert ended with Iglesias’ announcement of his medical staff.

On Instagram, the musician shared: “Dear fans, I am very sorry that I will not be able to perform tonight in Mexico. I have pneumonia and the doctors have advised me to rest completely and forbid me to board the plane.

And the artist mentioned in his statement The cancellation means it’s sad, especially for a show in a country that does it best.

“I hope to recover quickly and be back with you in good condition very soon. I apologize a thousand times and send a big hug to all my fans.Enrique Iglesias concluded in a statement posted from his Instagram stories.

On the other hand, the Tecate Emblema festival released a statement announcing it After learning of Iglesias’ condition, they will close the ranks for the benefit of those attending the event.

Although these news are published, There is no update on Enrique Iglesias’ health till date.

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