Enough with the unpleasant surprises: After the 2022 scandal, the Oscars will have a crisis committee

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is gearing up for one more edition Oscar, Most Important Film Awards, will be given on Sunday, March 12. however, This year the company will have a new department: the crisis department. After what happened in the last telecasts, that room call Will Smith hits Chris Rock in the middle of the broadcast, The Hollywood agency has created a special team to respond to unexpected events The broadcast was one of the most watched on television internationally.

The Academy’s new CEO Bill Kramer confirmed that His honor must return to Gala. told the press TimeThere will be a group Expertise in crisis situations. This activity is completely new in the festival. With this integration, the head of the organization strengthened it His priority is not only to return to high viewership, but But He put on a good show For all viewers.

The Hollywood Academy will try to avoid unexpected events like the one between Will Smith and Chris Rock during the 2022 ceremony.

We hope to be ready for anything That we cannot expect at this time (…). “Because of what happened last year, we’re opening our minds to a lot of situations that could happen at the Oscars,” he said.

The administrator argued that the new policy would allow the academy to operate more effectively. And he outlined what the action plan would be if something controversial happened:Let’s all be prepared to face it: this is the communicator, this is the report. Obviously, depending on the details of the crisis. Let’s hope nothing happens and we don’t have to use it, but we already have the edges installed,” he added.

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On the other hand, he added Jimmy Kimmel, who hosts the evening, has all the skills needed to handle the unexpected situation.: “Having a known presenter is very important How to handle TV and live audiencesOr… Working with Jimmy was a dream. He is funny, respectful, his jokes are not sharp. I think people are very secure and engaged with their energy. We are delighted to have him back and hope this is the start of a beautiful new relationship with him.”

The last Oscar ceremony made history after an onstage episode between Will Smith and Chris Rock, based on a joke the latter made. Ex-wife Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia.

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Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars

Rock compared Pinkett to the film’s protagonist Lieutenant O’Neill, hairless. Immediately, the actor I am a legend He asked her to refrain from making fun of the mother of her children. however, The comedian ignored him and that’s when the comedian got on stage and slapped him.

At the time, the academy’s organization was not immediately available for comment. Although Smith apologized for his actions, He was banned from attending fairs for the next ten years.


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