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Are you passionate about flying? Are you curious to know what it's like to experience the menu a job on board? Would you like to enjoy wine tasting or learn from a professional chef in… Cooking show? If your answer is yes, you cannot miss the opportunity Visit Espacio IberiaAn interactive place where you can immerse yourself in the world of Iberia and enjoy endless activities.

Located on the street Gran Via No. 48as the airline offers us all kinds of plans until July 31, on a schedule Monday to Sunday from 12 to 9 pm.. In addition, most experiences do not require advance reservations, although reservations are required for some, such as the on-board tasting menu.

New places open every Friday For the following week, but you can also try going live, because sometimes there is Places available last minute. Learn how a flight simulator works, see the first Iberia plane from 1927 or go wine tasting are just some of the things you can do. Will you miss her?

Cooking show And taste

Behind everything the Spanish airline does is a team committed to providing the best to its customers. In the case of food, Chef Carlos Polvorosa, in charge of official catering in Iberia for three years. And this, with his vast experience, he is trying to do just that Combining culinary tradition and innovationAlways a list of surprises.

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As Polvorosa prepares tuna tataki in vitello tonnato sauce so we can taste it later, he confesses to us some of his The most important secrets of the aviation kitchen. He explains how, from the selection of components to the design of the spaces, everything has been carefully planned to provide maximum comfort and satisfaction for the occupants.

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A woman enjoys the on-board menu at Espacio Iberia.


But what makes in-flight dining so special? According to the chef, this is a result of pressure and humidity, which are responsible for changing the perception of flavours. Therefore, from the kitchen it is necessary Adjust ingredients and cooking techniques To get the best result.

These data, and many others, are some of the secrets that Chef Carlos Polvorosa confesses while preparing one of the dishes that is currently flying in the category. a job. but Cooking show It's not the only gastronomic experience Espacio Iberia has to offer. It is also possible to enjoy it Wine, beer and coffee tasting.

Journey to the past

Iberia is not forgotten by aviation lovers. In an area of ​​1,100 square metres, it has developed A replica of the first plane In which the airline began its commercial activity 1927, Rohrbach Roland.

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves in a unique experience as they will not only have access to the interior of their cabin, but they will also be able to… Dress in period costumes And take a memorial video of this historic trip.

But the real jewel in the crown is the opportunity to feel like a professional pilot thanks to… Flight simulation.

Those who dream of ascending to the sky will be able to enjoy the excitement Take-off, flight and landing From some of the most important airports in the Iberia network, such as Madrid, London, Paris, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bogota or Doha. It's a 10-minute ride An expert flight instructor will guide you To make the most of this unique experience.

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Food on board

But the adventure doesn't end here. Those wishing to experience air travel can enjoy a meal on board. With the help of DO&CO Catering CompanyYou have the opportunity to taste the richness of the Mediterranean diet, with high-quality raw materials and local seasonal products.

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With the redesigned cabin of the advanced A350, you can choose from three options: Tourist, tourist beloved And a job, Enter fully into the meal simulation at 30,000 feet above sea level.

Innovation and experience

Are you looking for something more immersive? then Virtual reality glasses They are your best choice. With them you can explore the interior of the new Iberia A350 or even disassemble one of the turbines, all without leaving the premises. thanks for the Apple Vision Pro And the skylight Meta Quest, you can immerse yourself in the world of aviation.

Gentleman testing Apple Vision Pro in Espacio Iberia.


In addition, visitors to Espacio Iberia will have the opportunity to learn about some things Latest airline launches. On the one hand, My Iberiathe new private area where customers can manage and personalize their travel experience in the simplest ways.

All the Sunday in Junethe Iberia Space wears a Disney uniform with “Magic Sundays”. Learning to draw the most famous mouse in history, painting your face like a princess, or doing gymnastics searching for hidden Mickeys are some activities that will delight little ones.

To conclude this unique experience, Espacio Iberia is offering a gift Double flight to Los Angeles in Premium Economy. How can I get it? With ease, you can upload an Instagram story, do any of the activities and tag @iberia with the hashtag #ExperienciaEspacioIB.

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