Engativá Project: Art space for young people

In the Las Ferias neighborhood in the town of Ingátiva, young artists display their work in the cultural project “Ingativa Project”.

To create different works, artists used different methods Reusable materials Collected all over the city. The project does not just seek Highlighting the art and narrative gallery What each product represents. Moreover, he wants to deliver a message Environmental creativity.

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“This project seeks to enable all local people to create their own works from their industrial products,” said Andres Alaia, an artist who belongs to the group of exhibitors.

And so is the artist Andres Alia It encourages people to enjoy the space dedicated to art, which it has Ten pieces Artistic with unique designs full of colors.

“The materials are collected, all in the city of Engativa, and the work and concept that each artist wants to create are displayed,” said Andres Alaïa.

The project won an Independent Spaces Network grant and is a local culture project Idartes (District Institute of Arts). The exhibition will be available Until next June 15 In the institution Opens doors.

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