Encourages the government to join the STEM Alliance and to advance women in science

The delegate of the Government of Spain in Andalusia, Pedro Fernandez, encouraged on Saturday to Supported educational centers With public funds to join the Steam Alliance of Female Talents to help end The gender gap in science and technology disciplines.

“It is necessary in The fight for gender equality He said in a statement that this government is strengthening measures to open doors for girls and women as they currently have little representation, and the field of science and technology is one such measure.”

Despite the fact that today there are more women who start research careerSpecifically, 51% – above the European and global average – this percentage is not reflected in the workplace, where not one in four women hold management positions in these areas.

Fernandez noted that the new science law, whose bill was approved in June in the House of Representatives, specifically seeks to resolve major gender inequalities that persist in research, development and innovation and therefore gives for the first time legal certainty of gender equality. in Science, technology and innovation system.

The Gender Perspective It thus becomes a transversal focus for the planning of public agents in science, technology and innovation while triggering specific actions.

To encourage this, the new law establishes a gender equality in research, development and innovation badge for centers that certify that they meet standards of excellence in this field, as well as a commitment to implement measures to remove Gender bias and incorporation of the gender dimension in research, development and innovation projects.

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She added, “We must work to bridge this gap, and educational centers should play a key role in this, in order to visualize the contribution of women in these areas and to achieve a balance between reality in accordance with the present and above all with the future.”

These awards are directed to Educational centers supported by public funds and public or private non-profit entities, which may present their educational projects, course materials or educational innovations aimed at enhancing the interest and presence of girls and young people in science and technology.

The deadline to participate in this new call will be open until October 7.

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