Emiliano ‘Dibu’ Martínez, a ‘perfect and Machiavellian machine’ who uses ‘abusive tactics’ against penalty takers | Football | game

“Goalkeepers appear in key moments I drew At the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, Argentina goalkeeper Neri Pompidou refers to the role played by his compatriot Emiliano Martínez in the Albiceleste’s penalty shootout win against the Netherlands (after 120 minutes in a 2–2 win). ) resulted in Lionel Messi’s team entering the semi-finals of Qatar 2022.

“He was arrogant and because Spain were out, he wanted the same for us,” Argentina goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was sent off against the referee.

Argentina were relieved after Messi missed the penalty I drew Martinez, another great hero. It’s not the first time the 30-year-old Aston Villa goalkeeper has been his team’s lifeguard in a penalty shootout. He already did it against Colombia in the semifinals of Copa America 2021. It’s a stylish penalty saver, like Sergio Goecocchia in Italy in 1990 when he replaced the injured Pompidou midway through the World Cup.

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for daily confidential, from Spain, said in a note published this Sunday, “Martinez is an artist at centering his rivals into penalties. Football psychologists define his techniques as ‘abuse and manipulation’.

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‘Mind Games’

The note, signed by Alberto Ramirez, says it was “no coincidence” that Martinez stopped the first two Dutch charges to give Argentina a key advantage. “The Aston Villa goalkeeper is an expert at this sort of thing, he constantly drills, practices and rehearses, engages in mental games at key moments and drives the pitcher crazy to reach his goal. This is the story of a different goalkeeper, but one that shines from eleven meters away.

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confidential He reproduced part of a study done by a doctor in psychology with whom he spoke. The expert establishes “tactics across the spectrum of regulation” that influence the goalkeeper to “trouble his opponents” when they take penalties.

Anxiety and aggression

“Keir Jordet, a professor at the Norwegian School of Sports Science in Norway, shared a series of experiments on social networks that demonstrate how. I drew It’s the ‘perfect machine’ when it comes to taking penalty takers to the extreme. This kind of action negatively affects the concentration of football players and they lose focus on their task. In addition, it has effects on their emotions, increases their anxiety and can even create some aggression, which also changes concentration,” explains the psychologist.

The goalkeeper from Arsenal De Sarandi confirms that he leaves everything to improve, while Jordet doubts the penalty takers: “Emiliano uses all possible techniques. I think it’s a planned system, he plans it himself.

The Spanish newspaper describes the main sources I drew Distract your enemies.

“Martinez is using an old ‘other football’ tactic, distracting the penalty taker. Pointing to the penalty taker’s side, messing with the line…various studies have shown that there are many options in the field that reduce penalty success by up to 10%.

‘Wrong Tactics’

But there is an aspect to it that “he is an absolute colossus when it comes to talking and intimidating his rivals, which is known in other sports. trash talking (talking trash), especially prevalent in the NBA. All this causes delays in launching, adding to the tension as the minutes pass since the maximum penalty is awarded.

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In the end confidential Jordet, an expert in sports psychology, performance and suffocation under pressure, and skill development, asks a question: Should we appreciate this tactic? I drew Or consider it an unsportsmanlike act that should be punished?

To which psychologist Jordet answers: “That’s a good question. Fairness is determined by rules and arbitrators permitting. In part, this kind of behavior is natural in football. Penalties are a psychological game and goalkeepers are part of it. But, on the other hand, Martinez’s behavior is on the fringes, which are extreme measures… abusive and manipulative tactics. This goes against the behaviors we generally find acceptable in sports. It’s Machiavellian.” (D)

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