Elon Musk. This is what your employees earn at Tesla and Space X

Elon Musk He was placed in 2022 as the richest man in the world according to Forbes magazine, whose fortune amounted to 219 billion dollars, which is almost 50 million dollars above the second place held by the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos.

An important part of Musk’s legacy comes from two of his companies, Tesla and Space X, the first in which he attempts to revolutionize transportation on Earth with electric vehicles, while the second is doing so in outer space by designing and producing space rockets.

(Elon Musk/EFE)

In addition, Elon has established himself as a controversial figure for his statements on various topics, as well as for his posts on social networks. Because of the above, the US website Glassdoor, where employees and former employees can anonymously review company information, just revealed the various salaries that Musk pays to some of its workers.

Elon Musk

(Elon Musk/AFP)

According to this site, in Tesla, a senior software engineer receives 200 thousand dollars a year, that is, 4 million Mexican pesos. A mechanical engineer earns 157,000 dollars or 3 million 140 pesos. Automation engineers earn $125,000, which is 2.5 million pesos, and product managers earn $105,000, which is 2,100,000 pesos.

For Space X, chief engineers earn 118 thousand dollars a year, that is, 2 million 360 thousand pesos. Software engineers earn 117 thousand dollars, which is 2 million 340 thousand pesos. Structural engineers receive 91 thousand dollars, or 1 million 820 thousand pesos. And finally, those who earn the least are the manufacturing professionals who take 84 thousand dollars, that is, 1 million 680 thousand pesos.

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Although there are certainly many other salaries within companies that Elon MuskSince there are also management positions that make the company walk through financial and structural issues, these amounts are a representative sample of what an American businessman pays to his employees.

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