Elon Musk, then a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, paid $ 7,753 for a test that condemned the word ‘shit’.


10 dic 2021 02:02 GMT

The American billionaire’s full name does not appear in the job appraisal, but only his initials ‘EM’.

A selection rated by Elon Musk In the old days, when the current CEO of Tesla and SpaceX was an assistant professor at the Warden School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania (USA), Sold for $ 7,753 at auction in Boston. Buyer’s name not released, Reports CNN.

In 1995, the Chancellor I studied economics and physics Within it Alma Matter At the same time he helped Professor Miles Pass evaluate his students’ choices in a subject dedicated to business management.

Nearly three decades later, Brian Thomas, one of Bass’ students at the time, decided to sell at auction RR, an auction house that specializes in the sale of documents, manuscripts, and manuscripts. His old choice, which includes notes made by Musk. The review of the work does not have the full signature of the American billionaire, but only his initials ‘EM’. In general, the whole words written by Musk’s hand are very short, but One comment is very interesting.

At work, Brian wrote a phrase that has been translated into Spanish “When the fan hits the shit” (‘when the shit hits the fan’, in English) and refers to a situation where it suddenly becomes more complicated. Musk underlined the wrong word, Hit the “graphic” above her and took two points in her final class A Brian.

The alumnus explained that he had put that phrase in order to make the teacher laugh because it was a personal joke between the boss and his students. Brian never imagined that someone else would evaluate his choice. “It’s fun for me,” he admitted.

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The seller agreed I do not remember Elon Musk And he accidentally got on the paper signed by the Chancellor. Brian said the only reason he kept his old notes and experiments was because of his extreme admiration for Professor Bass, who passed away in 2010.

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