Elon Musk retracts the change on Twitter and announces that it will be the same as before: What changes?

Since Elon Musk took over as owner of the social network

Among the notable changes are: Changing the name and logo, the introduction of new “premium” subscriptions, the integration of voice and video calls, the possibility of turning into a dating app, and the controversial decision to remove headlines from news links.

Elon Musk is a prominent technology entrepreneur, known for founding and leading several groundbreaking companies.

He is the CEO and founder of SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies Corp.), an aerospace company dedicated to developing and launching rockets and spacecraft with the goal of transforming the exploration and eventual colonization of other planets, especially Mars.

Additionally, Musk plays the CEO and co-founder of Tesla, Inc., a company dedicated to electric vehicles and renewable energy. As of October 2022, he is also the owner of the social media network X, formerly known as Twitter. Its portfolio of companies includes innovative ventures such as Neuralink, which focuses on developing brain-machine interfaces.

Elon Musk steps back: Headlines return to X-links

In early October, Elon Musk made the bold decision to remove news headlines on X, showing only the main image as a link to the news. This strategy aimed to reduce the space occupied by posts and reduce the use of “clickbait” techniques to improve the overall aesthetic of the app.

However, a month and a half later, Musk announced on his X account that the social network would once again include published news headlines, instead of just showing the main image. According to Musk, “X will overlay the title on top of the URL card image.”

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Although this modification is expected to be available in the next platform update, Musk did not provide details about when this new version of X will be implemented or whether it will affect the mobile applications for Android and iOS, as well as the web version. .

The decision to bring back the headlines signals a reconsideration of the initial strategy and raises questions about the future development of the social network under Musk’s leadership.

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