Elon Musk justified the layoff on Twitter and confirmed that the company is losing $4 million a day due to a stampede of advertisers.

FILE PHOTO: The Twitter logo and image of Elon Musk are viewed through the magnifier in this illustration taken October 27, 2022. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo

Twitter is losing 4 million dollars a dayWhich justifies the layoffs, as stated on Friday by its new billionaire owner Elon Musk.

Although he did not specify the total number of dismissals – the press has estimated them at more than 3700, Which represents more than half of its global workforce — Musk justified it in his latest tweet by saying that “there is no choice when the company loses so little.” Four million a day.

On Friday morning, Musk already said that the company has Sharp drop in income who attributed it to Advertisers scramble because of “Active groups“That’s supposed to put pressure on companies Remove ads.

As for the dismissed employees, who received a termination email in their mail – because the offices remained closed by order of the owner – Musk confirmed this afternoon that all the dismissed people had received an offer of: Three months compensation“which is 50% more than what is legally required.”


Despite this offer, some have already denounced the company unfair dismissalbecause according to applicable labor laws in San Francisco (where Twitter is headquartered), the employee must receive prior notice At least 60 days in advance, which is not fulfilled in this case.

In another tweet earlier on Friday afternoon, Musk referred to Content Moderation Policieswhich according to him “remains absolutely unchanged,” adding: “Contrary to what you might read in the press, in fact we have seen at certain times of the week that Hate speech dropped lower than our previous standards. “

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Companies like General motors also Volkswagen They have suspended their ads on Twitter until it becomes clear where the company is headed in terms of content.

“Nearly 50% of the workforce will be affected” by the layoffs, according to an email received by the news agency France Press agencywhich was sent to Twitter employees who lost their jobs after buying the company before 44 billion dollars.

On Friday morning, Musk had already said the company had seen a sharp decline in income, which he attributed to a scramble of advertisers due to
On Friday morning, Musk already said the company had seen a sharp decline in revenue, which he attributed to a scramble of advertisers due to “activist groups” allegedly pressuring companies to pull ads. (Reuters)

Company employees were called to stay at home on Friday waiting demobilization tourAs part of the restructuring of the company launched by musk.

The Californian company communicated its decision to every employee via email, and announced the temporary closure of offices.

“As previously announced, Twitter is downsizing to help improve the health of the company. These decisions are never easy and it is unfortunate that we are writing to inform you that your situation on Twitter has been affected. Today (Friday) is his last day on the job,” he points out in one of the emails sent. To staff that the agency has access to France Press agency.

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