Elizabeth Guttierez celebrates her 43rd birthday with the best company

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Elizabeth Guterres Surrounded by excellent company he celebrated his 43rd birthday, Though not in the footsteps of William Levy. The actress and model showed off a part of her birthday celebration better than ever, showing that the years have not passed.

From William Levy Elizabeth announced her divorce from Guttierez and shortly afterwards she released the release, which did not stop the couple from being in public view. Although this has not been discussed again, it seems that things are not going well between the actors.

Although William Levy and Elizabeth Guttierez generally choose to maintain a healthy relationship for the benefit of their children, the actor may not be interested in anything else with the model because when he celebrates with friends and family, The protagonist of “Cafe Con Aroma de Mujer” did not appear at his celebration.

This is how Elizabeth Guttierez celebrated her 43rd birthday

Last Friday from April Elizabeth Guttierez celebrated her 43rd birthday surrounded by excellent company. The model was seen in a green dress, which highlighted her enviable image with gold jewelry.

The celebration was full of fun moments, food and lots of snacks, and the actress and her friends spoke proudly through their Instagram profiles. Elizabeth Guttierez also shared a series of videos in which she was seen with a dear friend on her birthday.

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The model showed another woman who was very important in her life: “Look at this beauty of a woman, I do not know what I would do without her. My beautiful Tilsia, I love you ”.

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Instagram stories

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