Eliminated from ‘Los 50’ today, August 17: The reality show lost one of its most controversial contestants

Tensions rise in ‘Los 50’ as several controversial moments are recorded at the Zotoluca ranch in Mexico, where the reality show is filmed.

This August 17, in the 23rd episode of the competition, Fernanda de la Mora was sent off.

The only competitor to make it out of the elimination zone was Botro Caballero, who defeated Lorenzo Mendez in a challenge that tested his skill and patience to build a tower.

In recent days, the Mexican influencer has faced tough times after being convicted Issa Castro, Manelik Gonzalez and Tania Mendez And created a debate between them.

“I’ve felt this emotion a few times in my life, to show them what I’m made of”, said Potro Caballero as he entered the room, and thus his companions discovered that he had attained salvation.

In his message, he added: “I felt like a gladiator.” After this, he joked: “I am the hero of the moment and my vote will change things.”

It was deleted in the ’50s.

Among those sentenced were Manelik Gonzalez, Fernanda de la Mora, Lorenzo Mendez, Issa Castro and Ray Grubero.

The first place vote was a tie. “This player is in danger of being sent off four times. With 20 votes today, the player who remains in the ‘Los 50’ is Issa (Castro)”.

This is the second time the Mexican has received the most votes, which shows that he is loved among the contestants.

The other player with the same number of votes was Lorenzo Mendes. The singer said he felt the love he instilled among the participants.

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Potro Caballero and Manelyk González, Mexican influencers and participants of 'Los 50'.

They announced that Rey Grubero had also been spared and was only a few days away from ‘Los 50’.

In the end, Manelik Gonzalez and Fernanda de la Mora held hands. The latter was evicted from the Telemundo reality show.

“I feel calm, I feel at peace with what I gave, what I did,” he said after learning of his teammates’ decision.

Her exit was celebrated by Manelik Gonzalez, who confronted her several times and said her plan went well. “Tonight’s a hit for me, but no one finds out”, Commented.

There are now a total of 24 participants, less than half of the group that started on the reality show.

Potro Caballero and Manelyk González, Mexican influencers and participants of 'Los 50'.

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