El Escaramujo, another cultural space in the center on the verge of extinction

Marcogliese is a musician and the essence of the space he built in the tall house facing the park passes through there. The early days managed to resist, opened in January and February, but stated that the second closing of this year “was lapidary.”

“You run out of resources and if to that you add the renewal of the rent, the rescheduled debts that begin to expire and the head that does not give you more, it becomes very difficult“explains the man who understands health decisions, but considers that” it is an unprecedented scenario that requires unprecedented measures because the situation becomes untenable. “

He did not access the credits of the Nation and the tax moratoriums he took advantage of are beginning to expire.

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Marcogliese was at the forefront of the Peña Los Bajos de Alvarado, Don López and Juan de la Cosas. “It was never an easy item, but today the problem is to survive,” he admits. Meanwhile he is looking for solutions and he still has a certain thread of hope. “We are trying,” he says, but he also confesses that sometimes “one runs out of strength.”

The effects of Covid-19

Cultural spaces range from rooms where music, dance or theater classes are taught to exhibition centers, small theater halls and bars where music, theater and other artistic expressions are staged. In addition to being a distinctive brand, they are a source of work for teachers, actors and musicians who have been resisting since the beginning of the pandemic.

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In June 2020, a few months after the arrival of Covid-19, a census by the Rosarino Collective of Cultural Spaces (Crec) showed that in Rosario there are about 70 places where you can go to take classes in different artistic disciplines, participate in a cycle of talks, see a movie or a stand up show. A survey that also showed that since March of that year a dozen had already closed their doors: La Bartolina, Le Bal, Bracco, Quilombo 27, Club 1518 and Combo Club.

Late in 2021, the requests for help from Arteón arrived, which even achieved the commitment of Mayor Pablo Javkin. Other places were also grouped together and in the case of Marcogliese, it is part of Más Cultura: a collective brings together bars and spaces in the city center, including the Atlas and the Sawmill.

“This is a group in which the union also participates because in my case, like many others, they are places that were designed as spaces for music, so that they come to see us and they are the ones who with these closures also suffer the fact of running out of stages to play, “he explained.

Now musicians, artists and friends are trying gestures of solidarity so as not to lose their place. “I am surprised every day by the solidarity of the people and of many who are moving to avoid closure,” said Macarcogliese, anticipating a move that is already being organized. Sure there will be music playing.

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