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The year 2022 did not start well, with the actress best known for her performance in ‘Maria Antonita de los Nives’.‘, After learning that he had tested positive for Govt-19. Despite the effect, the Mexican recovered quickly and was ready to move on with his life when he found out the plan had been canceled.

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Star “Sao del 8” Sadly, he told his millions of followers that he could not carry out the series of life that had given him so much hope because of problems that were not in his hands. Find out all the details below.

María Antonieta de las Nieves started playing La Chilindrina in 1975 (photo: file)

Cylindrina biosynthesis

Due to the epidemic and the high number of infections, it was decided to suspend the production of the biological series indefinitely. It saddened the actress, however, that it marked a break from her busy schedule because she had more time each year to devote herself to the circus she truly does.

In an interview “Window”, Maria Antoinette, said the project should be stopped in an emergency and could not wait to restart because it was immersed in other things:

“Mine has been canceled, I have already agreed, I have already signed, I had something I wrote, but I can not process everything from infection. I can not wait any longer, Or I do the series or I do Circo de la Cilindrina, honestly the circus is more suited to me.

There will be no news this year

Despite the fact that the project may be restarted in the coming months, she is no longer available to carry it out because her current responsibilities are so important.

“Yes, I’ve dedicated myself to being with that company this whole year. Do. It was a good plan and filled me with hope At the time, it was worth it. ” Commented.

Lima Cylindrina performs with her circus in Lima, Peru (Photo: La Cylindrina Official / Facebook)
Lima Cylindrina performs with her circus in Lima, Peru (Photo: La Cylindrina Official / Facebook)

He is in good health

He emphasized that he was in good health and that the actress had a positive test Govit-19 He had only mild symptoms, so he was able to recover in a short time.

“Nothing else gave me so much grunt, I had so much cold, it was over. No physical pain […] gThank God I had three vaccines. Not just two people from Pfizer, they have already given me the booster. So thanks for that, I can say it did not hit me hard. “, Finished.

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