Eiza González Are Lips Enlarged? Look at the photos and decide for yourself

We can not deny that Isa Gonzalez is one of the most successful Latin artists in Hollywood at the moment, and undoubtedly deserves all the recognition he receives. The young actress has not only participated in successful productions, but has also become a newcomer That’s the girl Rugs.

Thanks to the spectacular outfits he wears when he attends an exhibition, Gonzalez has always held a place on the list of the best dressers, for which he has attracted the attention of major fashion brands. In fact, last year he became Bulgaria’s first Latin ambassador..

Sure, his accomplishments give a lot to talk about, but so does his love life and his figure. Although the Mexican actress has a slim and slender body, she has often been criticized for her slender figure and the actions she is said to have performed on her face. Now her face is subject to conversation again, especially her lips. In Paris, it was at the premiere of his new project Medical ambulanceGonzalez has a very different look.

2022 Best Picture / The Crosby Group

2022 Best Picture / The Crosby Group

2022 Best Picture / The Crosby Group

This time she came on the carpet in a shoulder silk dress Stella McCartney, But what caught her attention was not her dress, but rather her face was so plump and her lips so fuller. We do not know if this effect was caused by the way they created it, but the truth is, the actress may have gone to get something or other arrangements for this important day. Do you think fillers were applied to her face and lip augmentation?

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