Eight UEx researchers highlight women's leadership in science

Eight female researchers from the University of Extremadura (UEx) tell, through an audio-visual mini-pill, what motivates them in their work with the aim of making women's leadership in science visible.

Specifically, this new audiovisual project, a joint initiative between the Service for the Dissemination of Scientific Culture, the Equality Unit and the Image and Communications Office of the University of Extremadura, will be disseminated on the social networks of the institution.

In addition, it will be displayed at the commemorative ceremony that will be held on Tuesday, February 27 at the Plasencia University Center on the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, UEx explained in a press note.

In this way, the professors involved in this audiovisual course are principal investigators of knowledge generation projects and training procedures for pre-doctoral research personnel related to the mentioned proposals, within the framework of the State Program for the Promotion and Transfer of Scientific and Technical Research, State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation 2021-2023. .

Thus, in this video, the researcher of the “Digital Transformation of Family SMEs” from the University Center of Mérida, Remedios Hernández, and the researcher of the project “Single Capillary Flows of Complex Fluids: Fundamentals and Applications” from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, María Guadalupe Cabezas Martín will appear.

Their motivations will also be explained by the professor of the project “Continuous Monitoring for Modeling, Simulation and Adaptation to Heat Waves” at the Faculty of Sciences, Amparo M. Gallardo Moreno, researcher in “Regulation of Sphingolipid Metabolism during the Fruit Cutting Process.” An olive tree from the same center, Maria Carmen Gomez Jiménez.

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Next, the researcher in “Analysis of the Productive Vocabulary of English Language Learners as L2 and L3 (Inheritance) in the Context of Secondary Education: The Cognitive Dimension” of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, Ana María Becquer Pérez; and Professor of the project “Autophagy and Mitochondrial Metabolism in Neurodegeneration” at the Faculty of Nursing and Occupational Therapy, Mireya Niso Santano.

Finally, the researcher in the initiative “Benefits of physical activity during the school day to reduce mental fatigue and improve cognitive and psychosocial processes among ESO students” at the College of Teacher Training, Inmaculada González Ponce, and researcher in the project “Natural Compounds” in Biodegradable Polymeric Coatings of Titanium against Implant-Associated Infections Orthopedics from the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Maria Coronada Fernandez Calderon.

Likewise, this audiovisual initiative aims to “promote the visibility of expert women researchers in various fields of knowledge”, which is why the Equality Unit of the University of Extremadura has a directory of experts and researchers at the University of Extremadura.

Thanks to this researchers' guide, the goal is to combat messages such as “there are no women”, “lack of parity” in specialized spaces, and the lack of visibility of women among specialized voices in the media.

Women and science

Thus, during this month of February, the University of Extremadura implemented various scientific publishing activities with the aim of “highlighting the work of women in research and science”.

In this way, the Service for the Dissemination of Scientific Culture organized a program of 20 dissemination workshops targeting primary and secondary students and, in collaboration with Fundecyt-PCTEx, organized a roundtable with researchers at the Plasencia University Center to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the field of dissemination of scientific culture. Scientific profession and the gender gap.

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It should be noted that this table will be held this Tuesday at 10:30 a.m., and the professor in the Department of Anatomy, Cell Biology and Zoology at the Placencia University Center, Raquel Mayordomo Acevedo, or the Deputy Director, will participate in it. He received a doctorate in science from the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC) and an award. Exceptional Doctorate from the University of Granada, Isabel Márquez Pérez.

Also present will be CSIC's National Center for Biotechnology researcher and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Extremadura, Ana Quinda, and PhD in Heritage with Honors and International Mentions from the Universities of Extremadura, Córdoba and Huelva, Spain. Gian, Raquel Tovar Pulido.

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