Edwin Cass, the singer of Grupo Firm, threw himself into the public, but no one liked him.

On May 28, Grupo Firm performed at the Tsunos Music Festival in Chicago’s Grand Park. Edwin CassThe singer of the band acted in an awkward moment with the public.

In many videos circulating on social networks, you can see the moment when the singer is so excited that he flies on stage and throws himself at the public. However, it seems that his fans are not in tune with him as they take him down to the floor.

A recording made close to the perimeter of the fall shows how the participants had their hands full with their cellphones, so they didn’t want to successfully carry it off, as Kass surely expected would happen.

After that, people began to help the singer to rejoin, although it was not so easy in the crowd, as it was even noticed that a woman took the opportunity to approach him for a hug.

There was another somewhat bittersweet moment at the concert, as Edwin recounted: “Yesterday, we broke records with an attendance of over 68,000 people at the Sophie Stadium in Los Angeles. But yesterday we found out that my grandmother passed away. I’m sad but proud to still be here. This show is for my son who is now in heaven. In memory of mother Thomasa.”

This May 30, the singer published a post on Instagram, in which I attached some photos of his grandmother’s funeral, in addition, he wrote: “This is where the saying that the show must go on comes true. One of the hardest weekends of my life. It was the same night that my grandmother died, the same night that I was celebrating a record breaking event in Los Angeles.

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“I did everything I could to put on a good face and brighten the night, because that’s what you’re going to do, have fun, and I think I accomplished that goal. And then there’s an important festival in Chicago, called Suenos, and I have to close the event, and I can’t cancel, But leave with all attitude.
And I tried to do my best.”

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