Eduin Caz does not have Govt-19: they reveal his condition in hospital | Celebrity

On Tuesday, December 28, the singer’s photo went viral Eduin Caz, where he is found in a hospital bed Surrounded by medical staff. Following speculations about his health, this Wednesday 29th night, a representative of the group Firmo sent a report to provide details about his health.

The singer of the band was subjected to a series of surveys, which revealed the existence of one “Herniation gap”.

“A laryngeal stroboscopy was performed to visualize the vocal cords.

The report explains that the study was conducted on December 28 and can be seen in the viralized photos on social networking sites.

“Leaving this practice without any problems, find the following findings: Interstitial hernia with changes in the lining of the esophagus“, Explains the shared document to the media.

Eduin Caz is in treatment

Grubo Firma’s singer is “taking a rest and taking treatment”, which is expected to bring results in the coming days.

The news was released by the singer’s wife Daisy Anahi, who added a few words to the film: “Thank you all for your concern and message”.

What happened to Eduin Caz?

On the night of December 28, alarms sounded after Eduardo’s wife, the singer was admitted to the hospital and shared a photo surrounded by paramedics.

“First, God, everything will be alright.”, The news that came with the picture posted by Daisy Anahi on Instagram.

A day later, the group firm clarified the condition of its singer’s health, dispelling rumors of a possible Covit-19 infection.

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