Eduardo Cupid reveals he has been diagnosed with skin cancer

Mexican actor and singer Eduardo Cabetillo He was diagnosed with skin cancer after being exposed to excessive sunlight for many years.

Even the husband BB Cayton Shared the news in a video posted on YouTube channel Of his daughters Ana Paula Y Alejandra Cupid. When he received his diagnosis, although the cupboard did not provide details of the treatment he was following or his current condition, he called on all people to protect their skin.

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“People with white skin need to be very careful about the sun’s rays. I want to tell you, dear ones, that this is the first of all of you on my daughters’ channel … I’m more likely to have skin cancer from sun exposure,” he said.

“So my dermatologist, a person I love very much, my dear Olga Lapastida, He told me: ‘The sun’s rays will never hit you again,’ ‘Captillo said as he put on make-up for his daughter, Bobby.

The video, which is just over 12 minutes long, has hundreds of comments from young women followers Influencers Appreciates the actor’s makeup work. These followers also expressed surprise at the confession of a former member of the Thimphu group.

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In the conversation between father and daughter in the video titled “My Dad Makes Me”, Ana Paula and Kapetilo teased about some rules that women in the family must follow: Ana Paula, or her sister or mother cannot go to the bathroom alone in public places; They can not talk to strangers for more than 10 minutes.

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“What if you talk to someone for more than 10 minutes? What is the effect?” The actor asked his daughter. The two took the matter with great humor and made fun of it, using this moment to make it clear that such restrictions do not exist in their family.

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