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Many believe that the life of an artist is completely different from the life of an ordinary citizen. When there are differences, there are similarities, and many more. How to love the love of your life, your spouse , He met in a warehouse and had to be persuaded through social networks to accept the exit. Thus began the love story Former singer .

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During an interview with the radio show Podcast, the now-regional music soloist commented on how extreme his wife has been in his life. “She supports me from the most important details to me: taking the kids to another room and interacting with them all day, seeing Dad … (seeing him with his kids)”Munos said.

Eden explained that Paloma sometimes works as a psychiatrist. “I’m sensitive and emotional, I express my feelings through crying or writing, and then the usual: ‘What do you have?’, I open up like my psychologist.”He insisted.

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A former member of Caliber 50 with his wife on vacation in Florida (Photo: Paloma Lance / Instagram)

Edin Muos’ story: He met his wife via Instagram

Following his wife’s theme, Munoz was asked how he made the mother of his two children fall in love. The translator of “Sale” was inspired and told an unknown story about that love.

“Paloma is from Los Mochis, and so am I, but I live in Mazatlan. I first saw her at a grocery store, a small self-service shop. One of the relatives has one. That’s the first time I’ve seen her. She’s going out. I’m going in. I saw her. , I think she did not see me as Cherat said.Then I searched for her on Instagram and apparently asked my cousin what her name was and she said ‘Paloma’.He described.

Munoz added that he had to fight hard to convince her to give him a chance: “I hit the nail on the head, it was like the air of a Guadeloupe rose. I wrote to him: ‘I saw you in the store’ and it started. I got into a fight with my wife, she woke me up twice, and then I gave it back to her..

Edin Muos and his wife: “She is”

At another point, she pointed out how she felt she was. “When her first (formal) relationship pulls me out of the art environment, I always say it will be”Eden Munoz pointed out.

On the other hand, the singer admitted to being “The credibility of any woman, by saying ‘she’s an artist’, is the usual stigma of ‘they will always be on tour, how many women they will have, he should have 500 children’. I imagine there was some distrust and suspicion, but I tried to reassure her: I took her to my parents’ house and told them ‘we formalized, this is Paloma’. We won families little by little..

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The couple has two children: Emilio and Matthias (Photo: Paloma Lance / Instagram)
The couple has two children: Emilio and Matthias (Photo: Paloma Lance / Instagram)

Edin Moves’ controversial tribute to Salino Sanchez

Edén Muñoz released the song “Salino” in which he paid a heartfelt tribute to ‘.King of Corrido‘, Salino SanchezBut his motives remained the same because his lyrics saddened the family of the late artist and made it public.

Salino’s wife Maricella Sanchez, He gave an interview in which he talked about what happened in Munoz’s new song and clarified that he did not agree with it. According to him, the lyrics of the song make her Harm to one part of your familyThose who keep the singer at the peak of their memories. “Regardless of me, this is a corridor that I see as harmful to the family.”Some of his words.

As if that wasn’t enough, Maricella confirmed it Eden Munoz He acknowledged his discomfort after hearing the aforementioned carito and crossed the line of respect with that musical theme. “That corridor went beyond the bounds of respect. It was something that damaged the family. I do not know how much this person needed that information or where it came from.He added.

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