‘Duca’ Ferretti would be “enthralled” if the Mexican national team offered him the offer.

The coach believes he is in prime time to take charge of El Tri in the 2026 World Cup cycle.

Mexico — Riccardo “Duga” Ferretti has reconsidered its position on Mexican team And today he promises to be happy to lead everyone’s team World Cup 2026 It will be played in USA, Canada and Mexico.

In an exclusive interview with ESPN, ‘Tuga’ Ferretti He said he was ready to lead the “yes” tricolor flag and start the World Cup cycle with the national representative of the country where he has lived all his life.

“Yes,” he replied when asked if he was at the right time to take over National Exam Gerardo ‘Tada’ Martino left not too long ago.

“I’m ready. For many years I was the coach most people wanted to be the national coach. I always rejected it because I have a contract with a team called Tigres. Now I don’t have a team, I don’t have a contract with anyone. If they propose it to me, I’ll be happy and agree,” he said. He said directly ‘Tuga’ Ferretti.

Because it’s not just about agreeing with the Mexican Football Federation (FMF). You have to agree with clubs, owners and non-owners. This is a very important task and people don’t see it.

‘Tuga’ Ferretti You are definitely a national technician Mexico It must be from the Mexican environment, because no one knows all the players very well, he affirms, because “knowing the whole field of Mexican football, he will be ready and willing to face it head on.” World Cup 2026.

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To an open question, when the FMF offered him the national coach twice, he turned them down, saying, “I trust that support he had.”

“Now I hope I can get that support. Before I had a chance, but I had a contract with Tigres and I always want to fulfill my contracts.

That’s why I always rejected selection, but now I am not sure. If they provide me selectionI am delighted.”

How important are fans to you?

“One hundred percent”.

-Are you also interested in having her by your side?

“Of course I’m interested.”

After a year managing Bravos de Juárez in Liga MX, Riccardo Ferretti He will step down from the leadership in mid-2022. He did not serve in the opening 2022, and he was close to running Pumas in the current final 2023, but there is no financial agreement with the university board led by Leopoldo Silva.

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