Drop an egg from space and transport it to Earth intact [Video] Sun of Puebla

Mark Robert Ex engineer Container And from Apple who is now a YouTuber with the channel he created different experiences and creates Almost impossible challengesSuch as Drop an egg from space And achieve it It will not break when it returns to Earth.

Working with a group of scientists, Robert designed the plans and built the equipment for a video that shared the past. Friday 25 November With the name “Eggs Thrown From Space”, which already 17 million views.

Robin is best known for his other videos like Calls”Squirrel OlympicsWith a series of challenges for the squirrels that roam your garden or create them glitter pumps.

Throwing an egg from space

In the 26-minute video, Robert explains all of the work that was done to run the experiment, which it consists of Throw two eggs from a height close to 20 thousand feet With the help of a weather balloon.

Mark indicated that he had Almost three years of work in creating the project And that he could achieve this with experience landing science teams in other countries when he was part of NASA.

To get what was necessary for his plans, he surrounded himself with a group of scholars How Joe Bernarda missile and propulsion expert at the BPS system, who was in charge of Missile design and guidance systemThe egg is laid propelled by a large weather balloon.

The original plan sought to bring Rocket at 300 feet above the ground so that the fall velocity is not greater than 74 mph (mph).

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Adam StellznerThe plans were also supported by a NASA engineer, who realized that the plan would be similar to that of NASA Create a guided missilewhich is prohibited by the US authorities.

With that in mind, the plan was changed to use a Big weather balloon for Load a bigger missile to find that The egg got supersonic speed.

These types of balloons are filled helium and with your system The missile will launch at the right time. During his fall, just in time The missile deploys a parachute and airbag to break the fall.

For everything to work out, it was Test the eggs. To find out what heat they can take and the best way for them not to be harmed. In the end, it was decided to add a custom beach ball containing packaging material for protection.

How was the launch?

With the plans and device created, the grand launch date arrived, which took place in the area Apple Valley.

After the successful takeoff, the team realized that The weather balloon managed to reach an altitude of 100,000 feetalready exists in the layer stratosphere. But, in the data, they note how the balloon lost altitude until it fell with Overspeed upon arrival 150 mphthat is, 241 kilometers per hour (km / h).

Within his explanation, Robert explained it in the balloon ascent The rope that held the rocket up when the beach ball began to tangle With this force that caused me bagso that a speed higher than expected and designed for impact is reached.

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however, Mark Robert He proves that the plan worked, and finds the remains of the missile The first unbroken eggwho held it aloft in celebration. inside beach ball he was there A second eggso the goal has been achieved and therefore a The egg traveled into space and managed to reach Earth intact.

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