Drake Surprises Fan With $100,000 For Finishing Chemotherapy

Drake Kicking off his tour with “It's All A Blur – Big As The What?” With good feet. And the rapper came to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville to deliver J. Two concerts he performed with ColeHe also released the song “First Person Shooter” which was a hit last year.

Apparently, the Canadian singer's recent success has made him so generous that during the show he decided to give $100,000 to Lauren Shalier, 33, a fan who held up a sign in the crowd saying “I'm done with chemotherapy.”

“I see everybody pointing at this sign and I can't miss it. So get her in front quick. Because it's an important moment,” Drake told the audience, prompting artist Swalier to take notice. The Tennessean Portal reports that she has breast cancer since March 2022 and has completed her last round of chemotherapy.

“Listen, forget Drake, forget anyone else in the building right now. There's a real soldier there.”he added.

“I hope my manager doesn't kill me because I've never done that much, but listen, you've got to collect this at the end of the night. We're giving him $100,000 from me,” he continued. A piece of paper.

This grand gesture drew applause from the audience.The “Hotline Bling” singer asked the young lady to make noise.

“I love you and I love you,” he concluded.

Swalier has now contacted the star's task force to get the money.

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