Download wallpapers of iPhone 14 presentation event here

Dress up your iPhone, iPad or Mac for a “Far out” event to give away the new iPhone 14.

As you may already know, A new Apple event will take place on September 7In which Se iPhone 14 will be offered and some products In addition. As expected we are also seeing some surprises The event’s secret easter eggView from any iPhone or iPad, or Twitter’s new hashtag It is now available for social network users.

The event is getting closer and closer and that’s why you want to decorate your different devices for this occasion and that’s why we have chosen to collect Best wallpapers from Apple event iPhone 14’s “Far Out” You can use it on different devices: iPhone, iPad and Mac. The wallpapers in question are optimized to work best on these devices, although they also look great on other mobiles, tablets and computers.

Best wallpapers of the iPhone 14 presentation event

Questionable wallpapers or wallpapers created by Basic apple hand. There is only one model based on the cover letter shared by AppleReminiscent of space and galaxies, the wallpapers in question have been shared Via Google Drive. There are 3 different versions, Optimized for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Confirmed: iPadOS 16 will be delayed and will not come with iOS 16

If you want Access the wallpapers in question by clicking on the following links. If you press and hold or right-click, you’ll have the option to save the wallpaper to your device so you can use it as wallpaper:

The Apple event

Decorate your devices with new Apple event wallpapers!

Most downloaded wallpapers

If you are looking for the best wallpapers, we have many collections Thousands of cool wallpapers, for both iPhone and iPad, Mac or Apple Watch. We also have wallpapers of the latest Apple devices:

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