Doubts over Jenny Rivera’s Millionaire Inheritance Rise After Rosie Rivera’s resignation

Michael Rivera, Son Jenny Rivera, Confirmed that he knew nothing about who would be responsible for his mother’s hereditary management, especially after his aunt Rosie The management of this patriarchy was set aside.

In recent days, “Band Diva“He posted a post on his official Instagram account where he points out the reasons that led to this decision regarding the exclusion of hereditary administration.


The news caused a stir on social media to the extent of a plastic artist, Michael Marin, Answered a series of questions during the “Suita La Soup” show, where he addressed the issue facing the family Rivera.

Marin So far, it has been confirmed that they have not come together to define the person responsible for patriotism Jenny Rivera. He said that person should have business experience and a person should have the image of a singer.

Want to take office?

It was ruled out that one of the brothers could be selected, but so far this information is not known because the family has not met to discuss the issue. Son Jenny Rivera He said he and his brothers were not interested in accepting this responsibility.

Michael The resignation of his aunt was considered prudent because he was the one who managed the economic income of the children Jenny. However, she praised her aunt’s role, Rosie Rivera.

With media information.

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