‘Don’t call the director, Senator Karen’: Congressman expresses Elon Musk’s need to ‘really pay taxes’ and replies


December 15, 2021 03:13 GMT

The businessman noted that Senator Elizabeth Warren reminded him of an angry mother from her childhood friend who “shouted randomly at everyone for no reason”.

Billionaire Elon Musk starred in a tense exchange this week on Twitter after Senator Elizabeth Warren voiced the need for the owner of Tesla and SpaceX to “really pay taxes.”

“Let’s change the fraudulent tax code so that the ‘person of the year’ actually pays taxes and stops benefiting everyone else,” books Parliamentarian on Monday this Monday, linking an article on Selection Person of the Year presented by Time magazine.

“Stop dropping!” replied Musk, who also attached an op-ed calling the Massachusetts Democratic congresswoman “fraudulent” for allegedly lying about her Native American origins in order to get ahead in academia. moreover, hung It reminded Warren of an angry mom of a childhood friend who “yelled at everyone randomly for no reason.”

“Please don’t call the director, Senator Karen,” Rule The richest man in the world, referring to the pejorative term “Karen”, which describes a woman who behaves rudely in institutions, believing that she has rights or can demand things higher than usual.

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